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Friday, May 11, 2012

NOLA Hiphop Archive media launch @Holl_x
The NOLA Hiphop Archive is an open-source digital archive of New Orleans hiphop music and oral history that will eventually have a physical archival space for in-person community access as well. We are in the collection stages for the archive now, comprised of an IRB-supported series of interviews with hiphop pioneers in the city. We will also be collecting hard-copy ephemera (flyers, memorabilia, and of course, CDs/singles/DVDs, etc), so please contact Holly off-list if you have things you'd like to donate.

This is a huge undertaking, so please bear with us as things progress. Ideally, we plan to continue to collect material throughout 2012 and be open for community access in 2013.

The archive is generously supported by the Amistad Research Center at Tulane University, which will also be our eventual physical location.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crescent-City BackPackers would like to present an interview with one of New Orleans most lyrical word spitta Lyriqs Da Lyraciss (@underdogcentral)

CCB-So when and where were you born?..........Lyriqs-July 17th of 91 and I'm from New Orleans,La..........CCB-What age did you get into rapping?.........Lyriqs- I got into rapping when i was around six years old...........CCB- Any of your family members are musicians?..........Lyriqs- Both of my brothers are rappers and my mother is a singer...........CCB-Where did your name originate from?.........Lyriqs- Back in high school people told me my name should be what i liked....I liked lyrics....thus........ CCB- When did you record your first song and your first album?.........Lyriqs-I recorded my first song back in 09 and around the same time is when i did my first project.........CCB- When and where was your first performance?.........Lyriqs- June 6th was my first show down at the Dragons Den in the French Quarter........CCB- So when you knew that music was gonna be your life?........Lyriqs-My freshman year in high school was when i realized music was gonna be more than a hobby..........CCB-How do you feel your music can put a positive impact on todays youth?.........Lyriqs- I feel my music does have an impact on the youth.....I have younger kids coming to me all the time asking for advice and things all the time its quite the inspiration. CCB- Who are some of the artist that have influenced you? Lyriqs- Charles Hamilton,Lupe Fiasco,MFdoom...cats like that. CCB-Have you done work/performances with any known artist?........Lyriqs-Yea....Nesby Phips,G-Eazy,Truth Universal,Lyrikill..performance wise Ive rapped with Bun B,Jay Electronica,Wu-Tang Clan..just to name a few........CCB- So how do you balance your music with other obligations?.........Lyriqs- Sometimes its hard to balance both but i just measure the time,make sure i stick to my shedule and everything works out.......CCB-What is the name of your new album and what is your motive behind it?........Lyriqs-Name if the album is the "Nobody's Monolgue 2" with this new album im showing growth,deeper content and fresher beats....Im extremely proud of this project........CCB-What advice would you have for beginners?.......Lyriqs-Any beginners make sure yourbeing cant go wrong doing that............Well there you have it,an exclusive blog interview with Lyriqs da Lyraciss(@underdogcentral) Make sure yall cop that new Album "Nobody's Monologues 2" coming out real soon! Lyriqs da lyraciss Presskit:


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To my Russian BackPackers

Thank you for supporting the blog,i hope you all enjoy the music coming out of New Orleans other than well known artist.We have a big underground hiphop scene with a lot of talent.If you wanna submit any work just email me at and BLESSINGS

One of New Orleans legendary Dj's the one and only Dj E.F.Cuttin

Crescent City backPackers wouldl like you to recognize one of New Orleans most influential Dj's E.F.Cuttin.He has been in the game for over 20 years and continues to reign as one of New Orleans greatest to ever touch the turn-tables.Opening for artist such as Black Eyed Peas,?uest Love and backing other artist such as Curren$y,Mickey Factz, and David Banner, just to name a few.And you can also catch him on the Reel to Real radio show on WTUL 91.5 Click to link to go to E.F. Cuttins website

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The homie Shabib's artwork

Shabib Slavemarketradiyo

Lil Dee God'sGift - Make Me Lose It (Official Video)

Lets get to know Lil Dee Gods Gift

Lil Dee, Gods Gift, born Danny Rogers on June 1, 1989 in New Orleans, Louisiana, has taken the struggle of growing up in the south and transformed it into a lyrical landscape to gain insight to Rap and Hip Hop music. Though only 21, his sound and skills far surpass his age. The early influences and motivation of the late Notorious B-I-G and hip hop lyricist Nas, have helped developed his style of positive rapping through provoking rhymes. Lil Dee has been on the big stage form early age. Lil Dee began to showcase his talent by performing on local radio shows, which led to him winning the Freestyle contest for The Source Magazine. His success prompted him to enter the studio to record and release a mix tape that would go on to sell over 20,000 copies. His strength as a performer goes far beyond the studio, and his ability to engage and captivate an audience has allowed him to open for artist such as Rick Ross (Def Jam), and work with artists Fiend (Formally of No Limit Records), and Baby Boy Tha Prince (Universal Records). He has been featured on many well-known artists CDs including Turk from Cash Money Records. Lil Dee's positive style and energy has allowed him the flexibility to perform on radio, television, and video. He has appeared on BETs’ 106 and Park, the UPN Network; and most recently, he opened for Gudda Gudda & Tyga of Lil Wayne’s’ Young Money Label. On Lil Dee’s latest Mix tape "The Spokesman" he worked with Snipe from Choppa City Boys on the hit single and video “Never Let Go”, which did over 8,000 downloads in 2 weeks. On the number 1 radio station in New Orleans Q93, rapper T. I. was once quoted saying “Lil Dee is the future of New Orleans Rap”. The motivation Lil Dee has is driven by the ability to know that this is Gods plan for him. Success to him is never falling short of his dreams of sending a message. He is driven by the love and support of fans and knows this is what he was born to do. Lil Dee is not just the future but Gods Gift to Rap music. As of late he was awarded best new artist of the year by NOLA HipHop awards.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Crescent-City Back-Packers" The Mixtape

I'am putting together a mixtape of nothing but New Orleans hip-hop artist to try and bring a unity between all underground artist.Hopefully we can put this thing together and show the world what talent actually resides here in The Big Easy,beside the commercial material the stays in rotation.There is a lot of wonder people with amazing talent.I know that putting this together will take a lot of hard work and dedication and most of all time.Hopefully I can reach out and make this thing happen.If interested submit a song up to 3 mins long to MIDCITY5@GMAIL

Monday, January 2, 2012

"Getting the site back up"

Been laid up for quit a while working on some other things but I'm getting this site back up and running,exposing all artist from all over.